STRING 9.05 
ERCC5 [ENSP00000347978]
excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 5; Single-stranded structure-specific DNA endonuclease involved in DNA excision repair. Makes the 3'incision in DNA nucleotide excision repair (NER). Acts as a cofactor for a DNA glycosylase that removes oxidized pyrimidines from DNA. May also be involved in transcription-coupled repair of this kind of damage, in transcription by RNA polymerase II, and perhaps in other processes too
NTHL1 [ENSP00000219066]
nth endonuclease III-like 1 (E. coli); Has both an apurinic and/or apyrimidinic endonuclease activity and a DNA N-glycosylase activity. Incises damaged DNA at cytosines, thymines and guanines. Acts on a damaged strand, 5' from the damaged site. Required for the repair of both oxidative DNA damage and spontaneous mutagenic lesions
Evidence suggesting a functional link:
Neighborhood in the Genome:  
none / insignificant.
Gene Fusions:  
none / insignificant.
Cooccurence Across Genomes:  
none / insignificant.
none / insignificant.
Experimental/Biochemical Data:   yes (score 0.621). In addition, putative homologs were found interacting in other species (score 0.162).  
Association in Curated Databases:  
none / insignificant.
Co-Mentioned in PubMed Abstracts:   yes (score 0.430).  
Combined Score:
Evidence for specific actions:
Binding:yes (score: 0.621)