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glucokinase (hexokinase 4); Catalyzes the initial step in utilization of glucose by the beta-cell and liver at physiological glucose concentration. Glucokinase has a high Km for glucose, and so it is effective only when glucose is abundant. The role of GCK is to provide G6P for the synthesis of glycogen. Pancreatic glucokinase plays an important role in modulating insulin secretion. Hepatic glucokinase helps to facilitate the uptake and conversion of glucose by acting as an insulin-sensitive determinant of hepatic glucose usage (466 aa)
(Homo sapiens)
Predicted Functional Partners:
insulin; Insulin decreases blood glucose concentration. It increases cell permeability to monos [...] (200 aa)
glucokinase (hexokinase 4) regulator; Inhibits glucokinase by forming an inactive complex with [...] (625 aa)
pyruvate kinase, muscle; Glycolytic enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a phosphoryl group fr [...] (531 aa)
pyruvate kinase, liver and RBC; Plays a key role in glycolysis (By similarity) (574 aa)
glucose phosphate isomerase; Besides it's role as a glycolytic enzyme, mammalian GPI can functi [...] (558 aa)
phosphoglucomutase 1; This enzyme participates in both the breakdown and synthesis of glucose (562 aa)
lactase; LPH splits lactose in the small intestine (1927 aa)
phosphoglucomutase 2; This enzyme participates in both the breakdown and synthesis of glucose ( [...] (612 aa)
sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1; Transcriptional activator required fo [...] (1177 aa)
galactosidase, beta 1; Cleaves beta-linked terminal galactosyl residues from gangliosides, glyc [...] (677 aa)
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