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gap junction protein, alpha 1, 43kDa; One gap junction consists of a cluster of closely packed pairs of transmembrane channels, the connexons, through which materials of low MW diffuse from one cell to a neighboring cell. May play a critical role in the physiology of hearing by participating in the recycling of potassium to the cochlear endolymph (382 aa)
(Homo sapiens)
Predicted Functional Partners:
tight junction protein 1 (zona occludens 1); The N-terminal may be involved in transducing a si [...] (1748 aa)
v-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian) (536 aa)
protein kinase C, alpha; This is a calcium-activated, phospholipid-dependent, serine- and threo [...] (672 aa)
mitogen-activated protein kinase 7; Plays a role in various cellular processes such as prolifer [...] (816 aa)
protein kinase C, gamma; This is a calcium-activated, phospholipid-dependent, serine- and threo [...] (697 aa)
ubiquitin C (685 aa)
ubiquilin 4 (601 aa)
protein kinase, cGMP-dependent, type I; Phosphorylates PPP1R12A (686 aa)
tubulin, alpha 1a; Tubulin is the major constituent of microtubules. It binds two moles of GTP, [...] (451 aa)
nephroblastoma overexpressed gene; Immediate-early protein likely to play a role in cell growth [...] (357 aa)
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