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paired box 6; Transcription factor with important functions in the development of the eye, nose, central nervous system and pancreas. Required for the differentiation of pancreatic islet alpha cells (By similarity). Competes with PAX4 in binding to a common element in the glucagon, insulin and somatostatin promoters. Regulates specification of the ventral neuron subtypes by establishing the correct progenitor domains (By similarity). Isoform 5a appears to function as a molecular switch that specifies target genes (436 aa)
(Homo sapiens)
Predicted Functional Partners:
microphthalmia-associated transcription factor; Transcription factor for tyrosinase and tyrosin [...] (520 aa)
SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 3 (446 aa)
homeodomain interacting protein kinase 2; Protein kinase acting as a corepressor of several tra [...] (1198 aa)
mechanistic target of rapamycin (serine/threonine kinase); Kinase subunit of both mTORC1 and mT [...] (2549 aa)
neurogenin 2; Involved in neurogenesis (By similarity) (272 aa)
importin 13; Functions in nuclear protein import as nuclear transport receptor. Serves as recep [...] (963 aa)
glucagon; Glicentin may modulate gastric acid secretion and the gastro-pyloro-duodenal activity [...] (180 aa)
SIX homeobox 3; May be involved in visual system development (332 aa)
SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2; Transcription factor that forms a trimeric complex with O [...] (317 aa)
POU class 4 homeobox 2; May play a role in determining or maintaining the identities of a small [...] (409 aa)
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