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NSL1 protein (Arabidopsis thaliana) - STRING interaction network
"NSL1" - MAC/Perforin domain-containing protein in Arabidopsis thaliana
Network nodes represent proteins
splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.
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query proteins and first shell of interactors
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second shell of interactors
Node Content
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proteins of unknown 3D structure
filled nodes:
some 3D structure is known or predicted
Edges represent protein-protein associations
associations are meant to be specific and meaningful, i.e. proteins jointly contribute to a shared function; this does not necessarily mean they are physically binding each other.
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Gene Fusion
NSL1MAC/Perforin domain-containing protein; This gene is predicted to encode a protein involved in negatively regulating salicylic acid-related defense responses and cell death programs. nsl1 mutants develop necrotic lesions spontaneously and show other features of a defense response, such as higher levels of SA and disease resistance-related transcripts, in the absence of a biotic stimulus. The NSL1 protein is predicted to have a MACPF domain, found in proteins that form a transmembrane pore in mammalian immune responses. NSL1 transcript levels do not appear to change in response to bioti [...] (612 aa)    
Predicted Functional Partners:
Syntaxin of plants 121; Encodes a syntaxin localized at the plasma membrane (SYR1, Syntaxin Related Protein 1, also known as SYP121, PENETRATION1/PEN1). SYR1/PEN1 is a member of the SNARE superfamily proteins. SNARE proteins are involved in cell signaling, vesicle traffic, growth and development. SYR1/PEN1 functions in positioning anchoring of the KAT1 K+ channel protein at the plasma membrane. Transcription is upregulated by abscisic acid, suggesting a role in ABA signaling. Also functions in non-host resistance against barley powdery mildew, Blumeria graminis sp. hordei. SYR1/PE [...] (346 aa)
Encodes a homologue of the yeast (S. pombe) Mis12 (minichromosome instability) protein. MIS12 co-localizes with 180 bp repeats of centromeric DNA throughout the cell cycle with a similar pattern to AtCENH3/HTR12. Neither of these two proteins completely cover the 180 bp regions based on FISH analysis (238 aa)
MAC/Perforin domain-containing protein; Encodes a protein containing a domain with significant homology to the MACPF (membrane attack complex and perforin) domain of complements and perforin proteins that are involved in innate immunity in animals. Transgenic <i>cad1-1</i> mutant plants show lesions seen in the hypersensitive response, as well as a spontaneous activation of expression of pathogenesis-related genes and leading to a 32-fold increase in salicylic acid (SA). CAD1 is postulated to act as a negative regulator controlling SA-mediated pathway of programmed cell death in plant [...] (561 aa)
Extra-large guanine nucleotide-binding protein 2; Guanine nucleotide-binding proteins (G proteins) are involved as modulators or transducers in various transmembrane signaling systems (By similarity). Binds GTP with specificity. Plays a role in the root morphogenesis by regulation of the cell proliferation. Acts as a positive regulator in resistance to pathogen that triggers the salicylic acid (SA) pathway. Promotes the DNA binding activity of RTV1 specifically to promoter regions of FT and SOC1 in vivo leading to the activation of floral integrator genes; Belongs to the G-alpha family [...] (861 aa)
Calcium-dependent protein kinase 28; May play a role in signal transduction pathways that involve calcium as a second messenger (Probable). Acts as developmentally controlled regulator for coordinated stem elongation and vascular development. Acts as key component which contributes to the developmental switch that establishes the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth. Involved in pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP)-triggered immunity (PTI) signaling. Interacts with and phosphorylates the kinase BIK1, a central rate-limiting kinase in PTI signaling. Facilitates BIK1 [...] (523 aa)
Syntaxin of plants 122; Syntaxin protein, involved in the negative regulation of defense pathways such as programmed cell death, salicylic acid signalling pathway, jasmonic acid signalling pathway (341 aa)
IQ domain-containing protein IQM1; Involved in the modulation of stomatal movement. Promotes stomatal opening. May play a role in the regulation of chitin signaling. May be involved in biotic and abiotic stress responses (526 aa)
GSH-induced LITAF domain protein; Acts as a membrane anchor, bringing other regulators of programmed cell death (PCD) to the plasma membrane. Negatively regulates hypersensitive cell death; Belongs to the CDIP1/LITAF family (134 aa)
Metalloendoproteinase 3-MMP; Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) or matrixins may play a role in the degradation and remodeling of the extracellular matrix (ECM) during development or in response to stresses (By similarity). Active on McaPLGLDpaAR-NH(2) (QF24) and beta-casein and, to some extent, on myelin basic protein (MBP) (384 aa)
Calcium-dependent lipid-binding (CaLB domain) family protein; Contains the following InterPro domains- C2 membrane targeting protein (InterPro-IPR018029), C2 calcium/lipid-binding domain, CaLB (InterPro-IPR008973), C2 calcium-dependent membrane targeting (InterPro-IPR000008); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is- soybean gene regulated by cold-2 (TAIR-AT1G09070.1); Has 30201 Blast hits to 17322 proteins in 780 species- Archae - 12; Bacteria - 1396; Metazoa - 17338; Fungi - 3422; Plants - 5037; Viruses - 0; Other Eukaryotes - 2996 (source- NCBI BLink) (247 aa)
Your Current Organism:
Arabidopsis thaliana
NCBI taxonomy Id: 3702
Other names: A. thaliana, Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., mouse-ear cress, thale cress, thale-cress
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