STRING protein interaction network
Network nodes represent proteins
splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.
Node Color
colored nodes:
query proteins and first shell of interactors
white nodes:
second shell of interactors
Node Content
empty nodes:
proteins of unknown 3D structure
filled nodes:
some 3D structure is known or predicted
Edges represent protein-protein associations
associations are meant to be specific and meaningful, i.e. proteins jointly contribute to a shared function; this does not necessarily mean they are physically binding to each other.
Known Interactions
from curated databases
experimentally determined
Predicted Interactions
gene neighborhood
gene fusions
gene co-occurrence
protein homology
Your Input:
Gene Fusion
ydcNXre family transcriptional regulator, regulator of sulfur utilization; Regulates the expression of 12-16 transcription units involved in various steps of sulfur utilization. Represses expression of pfkB, fliZ, cysE, ydcO and its own expression. Activates expression of ypfN. Acts by binding to SutR boxes (178 aa)    
Predicted Functional Partners:
Bene family inner membrane putative transporter; Putative membrane transport protein
Responsible for the formation of the 5-hydroxycytidine modification at the C2501 position (ho5C2501) of 23S rRNA. May be a Fe- S protein that catalyzes ho5C2501 formation using prephenate as a hydroxyl group donor
DUF559 family endonuclease-related protein; To H.influenzae HI_1162 and to HI_0925
Lysr family putative transcriptional regulator; Positive regulator, may be partially responsible for expression of neighboring gene dlsT (yhaO) (By similarity)
Deor family transcriptional regulator, glucitol operon repressor; Regulator for gut (srl), glucitol operon; Protein involved in carbohydrate catabolic process, transcription and regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
annotation not available
Fructoselysine/psicoselysine transporter; Is likely involved in the transport of fructoselysine and psicoselysine to the cytoplasm, where they are degraded
Gntr family transcriptional regulator, frlabcd operon transcriptional regulator; May regulate the transcription of the frlABCDR operon, involved in the utilization of fructoselysine and psicoselysine
Adenine/guanine/hypoxanthine permease; High-affinity transporter for adenine
Putative multdrug exporter, mate family; A transporter able to export peptides and flavins. When overexpressed allows cells deleted for multiple peptidases (pepA, pepB, pepD and pepN) to grow in the presence of dipeptides Ala-Gln or Gly-Tyr which otherwise inhibit growth . Cells overexpressing this protein have decreased intracellular levels of Ala-Gln dipeptide, and in a system that produces the Ala-Gln dipeptide, overproduction of this protein increases its export . When overexpressed increases secretion of FMN and FAD but not riboflavin; intracellular concentrations of FMN and ribof [...]
Your Current Organism:
Escherichia coli K12 MG1655
NCBI taxonomy Id: 511145
Other names: E. coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655, Escherichia coli K12 substr. MG1655, Escherichia coli MG1655, Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655, Escherichia coli str. K12 substr. MG1655, Escherichia coli str. MG1655, Escherichia coli strain MG1655
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