STRING protein interaction network
Network nodes represent proteins
splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.
Node Color
colored nodes:
query proteins and first shell of interactors
white nodes:
second shell of interactors
Node Content
empty nodes:
proteins of unknown 3D structure
filled nodes:
some 3D structure is known or predicted
Edges represent protein-protein associations
associations are meant to be specific and meaningful, i.e. proteins jointly contribute to a shared function; this does not necessarily mean they are physically binding to each other.
Known Interactions
from curated databases
experimentally determined
Predicted Interactions
gene neighborhood
gene fusions
gene co-occurrence
protein homology
Your Input:
Gene Fusion
ATF2Alcohol O-acetyltransferase 2; Alcohol acetyltransferase; may play a role in steroid detoxification; forms volatile esters during fermentation, which is important for brewing and winemaking (535 aa)    
Predicted Functional Partners:
Steryl acetyl hydrolase 1; Sterol deacetylase; component of the sterol acetylation/deacetylation cycle along with Atf2p; active both in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and in lipid droplets; integral membrane protein with active site in the ER lumen; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the ER
Uncharacterized membrane protein YJR124C; Putative protein of unknown function; expression induced under calcium shortage
Protein involved in 7-aminocholesterol resistance; has seven potential membrane-spanning regions; expression is induced under both low-heme and low-oxygen conditions; member of the fungal lipid-translocating exporter (LTE) family of protein; RTA1 has a paralog, YLR046C, that arose from the whole genome duplication
Putative sphingoid long-chain base (LCB) efflux transporter; integral membrane transporter that localizes to the plasma membrane and may transport long chain bases (LCBs) from the cytoplasmic side toward the extracytoplasmic side of the membrane; role in glycerophospholipid translocation; suppressor of the sphingoid LCB sensitivity of an LCB-lyase mutation
ATP-dependent bile acid permease; Transporter of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) family; involved in bile acid transport; negative regulator of vacuole fusion; regulates release of lumenal Ca2+ stores; similar to mammalian bile transporters; YBT1 has a paralog, VMR1, that arose from the whole genome duplication
Protein of unknown function; null mutant displays sensitivity to DNA damaging agents; may have a role in lipid metabolism, based on localization to lipid droplets; the authentic, non-tagged protein is detected in highly purified mitochondria in high-throughput studies; protein abundance increases in response to DNA replication stress
Prenylated Rab acceptor 1; Protein localized to COPII vesicles; proposed to be involved in ER to Golgi transport; interacts with members of the Rab GTPase family and Yip1p; also interacts with Rtn1p; Belongs to the PRA1 family
Integral membrane protein; required for the fusion of ER-derived COPII transport vesicles with the Golgi; interacts with Yip1p and Yos1p; localizes to the Golgi, the ER, and COPII vesicles; homolog of human YIPF3; Belongs to the YIF1 family
Putative 2-methylcitrate dehydratase; mitochondrial protein that participates in respiration; induced by diauxic shift; homologous to E. coli PrpD, may take part in the conversion of 2-methylcitrate to 2-methylisocitrate
Ribosome-interacting GTPase 2; Protein with a role in translation; forms a complex with Gir2p; has similarity to mammalian developmentally regulated GTP-binding protein; Belongs to the TRAFAC class OBG-HflX-like GTPase superfamily. OBG GTPase family
Your Current Organism:
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NCBI taxonomy Id: 4932
Other names: ATCC 18824, Candida robusta, NRRL Y-12632, S. cerevisiae, Saccharomyces capensis, Saccharomyces italicus, Saccharomyces oviformis, Saccharomyces uvarum var. melibiosus, lager beer yeast, yeast
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