GIS3 protein (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) - STRING interaction network
"GIS3" - Protein of unknown function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.
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second shell of interactors
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proteins of unknown 3D structure
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some 3D structure is known or predicted
Edges represent protein-protein associations
associations are meant to be specific and meaningful, i.e. proteins jointly contribute to a shared function; this does not necessarily mean they are physically binding each other.
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Gene Fusion
GIS3Protein of unknown function (502 aa)    
Predicted Functional Partners:
CAAX box containing protein of unknown function, proposed to be involved in the RAS/cAMP signaling pathway; May be involved in the Ras/cAMP signaling pathway (774 aa)
Subunit of TORC1, a rapamycin-sensitive complex involved in growth control that contains Tor1p or Tor2p, Lst8p and Tco89p; contains four HEAT repeats and seven WD-40 repeats; may act as a scaffold protein to couple TOR and its effectors; Component of TORC1, which regulates multiple cellular processes to control cell growth in response to environmental signals. Nutrient limitation and environmental stress signals cause inactivation of TORC1. Active TORC1 positively controls ribosome biogenesis via control of rRNA, ribosomal protein and tRNA gene expression, and rRNA processing. TORC1 po [...] (1557 aa)
Translational activator for mRNAs with internal ribosome entry sites; associates with polysomes and binds to a specific subset of mRNAs; ortholog of human ZNF9/CNBP, a gene involved in myotonic dystrophy type 2; May act in the sexual differentiation pathway (153 aa)
Plasma membrane multidrug transporter of the major facilitator superfamily, acts as an extrusion permease; partial multicopy suppressor of gal11 mutations; Drug export permease. Multi-copy suppressor of loss-of- function mutation of GAL11. Involved specifically in transcription of GAL4-dependent genes. Can link GAL4 with the basal transcription machinery if GAL11 is missing. Confers resistance to 10-N-nonyl acridine orange (NAO) and in general to cationic dyes (543 aa)
High-affinity cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase, component of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase signaling system, protects the cell from extracellular cAMP, contains readthrough motif surrounding termination codon; Controls the level of cAMP in yeast cells, together with the low-affinity cAMP phosphodiesterase (PDE1) (526 aa)
Cyclin-like component of the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme, involved in phosphorylation of the RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain; involved in glucose repression and telomere maintenance; Component of the SRB8-11 complex. The SRB8-11 complex is a regulatory module of the Mediator complex which is itself involved in regulation of basal and activated RNA polymerase II- dependent transcription. The SRB8-11 complex may be involved in the transcriptional repression of a subset of genes regulated by Mediator. It may inhibit the association of the Mediator complex with RNA polymerase II to fo [...] (323 aa)
Vacuolar membrane antiporter with Ca2+/H+ and K+/H+ exchange activity, involved in control of cytosolic Ca2+ and K+ concentrations; has similarity to sodium/calcium exchangers, including the bovine Na+/Ca2+,K+ antiporter; Has a role in promoting intracellular calcium ion sequestration via the exchange of calcium ions for hydrogen ions across the vacuolar membrane. Involved also in manganese ion homeostasis via its uptake into the vacuole (411 aa)
Your Current Organism:
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NCBI taxonomy Id: 4932
Other names: Candida robusta, Pachytichospora, S. cerevisiae, Saccharomyces, Saccharomyces capensis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomyces italicus, Saccharomyces oviformis, Saccharomyces uvarum var. melibiosus, lager beer yeast, yeast
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