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splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.
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query proteins and first shell of interactors
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second shell of interactors
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proteins of unknown 3D structure
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a 3D structure is known or predicted
Edges represent protein-protein associations
associations are meant to be specific and meaningful, i.e. proteins jointly contribute to a shared function; this does not necessarily mean they are physically binding to each other.
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Gene Fusion
HTD2Hydroxyacyl-thioester dehydratase type 2, mitochondrial; Mitochondrial 3-hydroxyacyl-thioester dehydratase, which may be involved in fatty acid biosynthesis; Belongs to the HTD2 family. (168 aa)    
Predicted Functional Partners:
Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase, mitochondrial; Catalyzes the NADPH-dependent reduction of trans-2-enoyl thioesters in mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis (fatty acid synthesis type II). Fatty acid chain elongation in mitochondria uses acyl carrier protein (ACP) as an acyl group carrier, but the enzyme accepts both ACP and CoA thioesters as substrates in vitro. Has a preference for short and medium chain substrates, including trans-2-hexenoyl-CoA (C6), trans-2-decenoyl-CoA (C10), and trans-2-hexadecenoyl-CoA (C16).
Carbonyl reductase family member 4; The heterotetramer with HSD17B8 has NADH-dependent 3- ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase activity, and thereby plays a role in mitochondrial fatty acid biosynthesis. Within the heterotetramer, HSD17B8 binds NADH; CBR4 binds NADPD. The homotetramer has NADPH-dependent quinone reductase activity. Both homotetramer and the heterotetramer have broad substrate specificity and can reduce 9,10- phenanthrenequinone, 1,4-benzoquinone and various other o-quinones and p-quinones (in vitro).
Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 8; NAD-dependent 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase with highest activity towards estradiol. Has very low activity towards testosterone. The heterotetramer with CBR4 has NADH- dependent 3-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase activity, and thereby plays a role in mitochondrial fatty acid biosynthesis. Within the heterotetramer, HSD17B8 binds NADH; CBR4 binds NADPD. Belongs to the short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDR) family.
3-hydroxyacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] dehydratase; Fatty acid synthetase catalyzes the formation of long-chain fatty acids from acetyl-CoA, malonyl-CoA and NADPH. This multifunctional protein has 7 catalytic activities as an acyl carrier protein.
3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase, peroxisomal; acetyl-CoA acyltransferase 1; Belongs to the thiolase-like superfamily. Thiolase family.
Catalase; Occurs in almost all aerobically respiring organisms and serves to protect cells from the toxic effects of hydrogen peroxide. Promotes growth of cells including T-cells, B-cells, myeloid leukemia cells, melanoma cells, mastocytoma cells and normal and transformed fibroblast cells.
Non-specific lipid-transfer protein; Mediates in vitro the transfer of all common phospholipids, cholesterol and gangliosides between membranes. May play a role in regulating steroidogenesis.
Carnitine O-acetyltransferase; Catalyzes the reversible transfer of acyl groups from carnitine to coenzyme A (CoA) and regulates the acyl-CoA/CoA ratio. Also plays a crucial role in the transport of fatty acids for beta- oxidation. May be specific for short chain fatty acids.
Choline O-acetyltransferase; Catalyzes the reversible synthesis of acetylcholine (ACh) from acetyl CoA and choline at cholinergic synapses. Belongs to the carnitine/choline acetyltransferase family.
Carnitine O-palmitoyltransferase 2, mitochondrial; Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 2.
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Homo sapiens
NCBI taxonomy Id: 9606
Other names: H. sapiens, human, man
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